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Store&Money scripts allow you to easily set up an in-game store to sell the player all the supplies they may need (ex: guns, ammo, medkits, keys, etc.). Our Store&Money scripts also comes with the ability to customize all things money related. Money Customization Options Include: Preventing negative money, Losing money upon death, changing the type of currency, and much more. Use our Store&Money scripts in conjunction with our AI Drop Loot scripts, to use money as a loot option.

AI Drop Loot

With our AI Drop Loot scripts, enemies will drop items upon death. Use our Store&Money and AI Drop Loot scripts together to add money as a loot drop.

AI Hunt Player

Our AI Hunt Player script causes all AI in game to move towards the player from anywhere on the level. The AI will move around most obstacles and then when in range, attack the player.